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Construction work isn’t just about building new structures, it’s also about fixing older ones and without constitutions workers, our homes, businesses, and even roads would be in total disrepair. Despite the great need for construction work, those in ladders at workthis industry are often expected to work extremely long hours without the proper safety equipment. As a result, workers are frequently involved in accidents which cause them serious harm.

In addition to this, there are many toxic substances which an employee might be exposed to which could result in a life-threatening illness.

All injuries and illnesses which are the direct result of an on the job accident or exposure should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, coverage which employers are required to provide all employees by law. Sadly, despite the fact that workers’ comp must always be provided, insurance companies look for any reason they can to deny a claim.

If you’ve had your workers’ comp claim denied, we can help. Our attorneys have helped thousands get the coverage that they need by reviewing the claim, collecting additional evidence, speaking with the insurance company, and handling any appeals paperwork. We can’t help even if you haven’t filed yet – in fact, injured workers are more likely to have their initial claim approved if they work with an attorney from the beginning.

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Social Security Attorney – Disabled Workers Can Obtain Benefits

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If you or a loved one have recently discovered that an injury or illness will prevent you from returning to work, you’ve likely started to research benefits that you might be eligible to receive. If so, you may have discovered that you are eligible to apply for Social Security Disability.

In order for a disabled worker to obtain payments through Social Security, they must have worked a specific amount of time, been diagnosed with an injury or illness which prevents them from working, and then provide evidence regarding their medical condition as part of their claim. But the application process is difficult and confusing and nearly 65% of all claims are denied.

Appeals can be filed, however, there is a backlog in the courts and a scheduled hearing can take as much as two years to obtain. Although the SSA has announced that they will be hiring additional judges and support staff, it will likely take years to reduce any backlog.

Our team can help you file the initial claim or we can handle your appeal. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Call us today.

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Workers’ comp should be provided to every single employee who is hurt on the job. This insurance policy is intended to cover any related medical expenses and even a fraction of lost wages, however, claims are regularly denied. When that happens, workers are left to pay for their own medical expenses.

Our legal team has dedicated their careers to handling workers’ comp claims and appeals. For more than 85 years we’ve been at the forefront of employment law and we truly believe each injured worker deserves coverage.

You can depend on us. We will do everything we can to get your medical bills covered and your lost wages regained.