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If you or a loved one have been hurt while at work, you’ve likely already discovered how difficult and stressful the workers’ comp claims process can be. But did you know that a shocking majority of these claims are denied each year. The reasons for denials are usually simple – either a mistake was make on the claim form, a doctor hasn’t provided the necessary medical evidence, or the insurance company or employer is contesting the claim by saying the injury didn’t happen at work.

Our legal team has been at the forefront of employment law for more than 85 years and we can help you get the coverage that you both need and deserve. When a client comes to us, we review the claim, determine all possible legal avenues, take care of the paperwork, speak with the insurance companies, gather any additional evidence needed, and update our client throughout the entire process.

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Are you a construction worker who sustained an on the job injury? Or were you exposed to a toxic substance which has caused a serious illness? If so, you are likely wondering how you will pay for the medical expenses associated with your condition, especially if you are unable to return to work. The good news is that you likely have several options for compensation. However, the process of obtaining compensation can be difficult.

Our law firm handles not only workers’ comp claims but also social security disability claims and personal injury lawsuits. If a client is eligible, each of these claims can be filed at the same time. Compensation may cover the loss of physical pain, emotional trauma, lost wages, and medical expenses.

To learn more about what claims you may  be eligible to file and how our experienced law firm can help you through the legal process, contact our team today.

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No one expects to be diagnosed with a injury or illness which renders them unable to return to work but it happens every single day. There are few people who are prepared financially for the loss of their income but that’s exactly why Social Security was created.

Benefits are not only for the elderly. Disabled workers can obtain payments to help cover their lost income but it’s not easy to be approved. Just under 70% of all claims are denied yearly and although an appeal can be filed, the appeals process is complicated and the courts are overloaded, so much so that it takes nearly two years just to get a hearing scheduled.

Applicants have a much better chance of having their initial claim approved or an appeal won if they work with an experienced law firm like The Disability Guys. Call us now to learn more.