Commuting to work each day requires a preparedness that is seasonally based. Now that fall is upon us, there are some considerations to make to ensure you are safe and ready for many of the different weather-related and seasonal events.

For the fall season, it is important to remember that the trees are losing their leaves and wet weather will be more frequent. This can be a danger to those who are driving on the roads as well as those who walk or bike to work. Wet leaves on the roadways can make for hazardous conditions. Leaf-covered roads can become quite slippery for shoes and tires alike, leading to vehicle accidents as well as pedestrian slip and falls. Be sure to get your vehicle’s tires checked for tread depth to keep you safe on the road. Invest in weather-appropriate footwear for your walk to the office.

Another aspect of fall means it is the beginning of flu season. Being sick can put you out of work for several days and in some cases even land you in the hospital if the illness proves too much for you to handle. It is important to consult with your family physician about preventing the flu with appropriate shots and overall attention to your health. Missing too much work for colds and flu can jeopardize your job stability but it is also important for the safety and health of others on the job that you do not report back to work until you are no longer contagious. Be sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing to work and carry an umbrella. Treat illness symptoms under the advice of your doctor so you can avoid missing work as much as possible.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year in New York but it’s wise to be prepared for the change of seasons in order to avoid injury and be healthy as possible.