When you get hurt at work, there will be a lot of questions from the doctor, your employer, and throughout the process of filing a claim. Those questions can be confusing, especially if you are in pain and still not feeling yourself but it is vital to your case and your legal status that you are honest and upfront about what happened, otherwise you can be in jeopardy of losing your job and ending up in jail.
Recent statistics show that workers compensation fraud costs $5 billion and affects everyone, including businesses and their employees as well as a person’s ability to get a good, stable job. If you suffered an injury that was not work related by file a claim that it happened on the job, you are hurting everyone, especially yourself.
There are high fines and serious jail time associated with committing workers compensation fraud and losing your job may not be the worst thing that can happen to you. Workers compensation fraud stems from providing misleading or purposely false details about your injury.
Investigators are hired to follow, videotape, and document any suspicions that there is fraud going on. There are many tales to be told about the lengths people have gone through to commit fraud in the workers compensation system. Countless cons have been found to be earning a nice living elsewhere while still collecting compensation benefits for injuries that never happened. It is a vicious cycle that must be stopped.
Do you know of people who are committing workers compensation fraud? There are ways to report this activity anonymously and in an effort to crack down on the costs you pay due to such fraud, it may be a wise choice to step up to the plate and help stop fraudulent claims.