There are a lot of aspects of a work-related injury that come into play during a very confusing time. As you try to deal with the injury, you also have to deal with the legal aspects of protecting your rights and make sure your family is provided for while medical bills keep pouring in.


It would be nice to think that all work-related injuries would heal promptly while you receive benefits without any issues arising. Many times this is exactly what happens and workers get back to their jobs without difficulty. But it is also true that certain injuries and situations complicate the process of securing workers compensation benefits.


The New York Workers Compensation Board has specific guidelines for injuries sustained on the job. These guidelines can be complex and without legal assistance by a qualified workers compensation attorney, you may end up getting insufficient compensation for your medical issues that make recovery more difficult. Different injuries have different rates of compensation and it is important you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side to help you sort out the complexities of the case.


You need to ensure you get the medical attention as soon as an injury occurs. You also need to alert the doctor or hospital staff that the injury you have sustained is work-related. Your injury and subsequent recovery will need to be your first priority and letting our legal team handle the workers compensation issues that arise will reduce your stress load as you work on healing.


If you have filed a workers compensation claim against your employer but are not confident you are receiving adequate benefits for your injury, you should schedule an appointment with our legal team to discuss your case for free. You can reach our office toll free by calling 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form for more details.