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Are Space Heaters too Dangerous for Workplaces?

Employees working in chilly conditions often use small space heaters to warm their cubicles. Plant a ceramic space heater by your feet, and you’ll likely stay warm throughout the day. Using space heaters in cubicles, however, can create dangerous conditions.


Space Heaters Can Cause Fires


While space heaters might keep you more comfortable, they also represent a serious hazard. Space heaters can cause fires when they aren’t carefully monitored. Unfortunately, they are even more troublesome in confined spaces like the area under your desk.


Confined areas can start to get very hot, which makes it more likely that something under your desk will catch on fire.


Staying Cautious While Using Space Heaters at Work


Many workplaces ban space heaters because they don’t want to risk a fire. Plus, they don’t like the strain that multiple heaters put on the electrical system.


If your employer allows you to use a space heater, then you should follow some tips to stay as safe as possible.


  1. Make sure that nothing is within three feet of the space heater. Even a piece of paper that falls behind your desk could become kindling.
  2. Never leave the space heater on overnight or when you are away from your desk for more than a few minutes.
  3. Keep the space heater’s area clean. A few dust bunnies could spread a fire from cubicle to cubicle before anyone even notices.
  4. Never use an extension cord. Always plug the heater directly into a wall outlet.


If you feel that you must use a space heater in your cubicle, always follow these rules. If you have been injured in a fire at work contact our legal team for a consultation on your workers compensation benefits claim by calling 888-799-3918 or use our online contact form for more information.