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Are Psychiatric Concerns Part of Your Workers Compensation Claim?

There are many occasions where an injury on the job is not the only health concern involved in a workers compensation claim. Many times after experiencing a tragic incident on the job, there are also considerable mental health issues to contend with.


Depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders can develop after an injury on the job. The distress of pain, the loss of income, and the confinement times during recovery can have a serious impact on the mental health of some injured workers.


As a result of the mental health concerns, some workers may recover physically but suffer longer lasting mental health issues such as depression which can potentially limit their abilities to return to work. Many workers need to continue with medical treatment which might include visiting a psychiatrist and taking medications to stabilize mental health disorders.


It will be very important to have an experienced workers compensation attorney representing your claim especially when lingering issues surrounding mental health are concerned. The medical treatment you receive and your diagnosis will need to be directly related to your injury case and you will need to ensure you have the proper documentation and follow through to complete your claim correctly.


Mental health issues are not uncommon in injured worker cases but it can make the process even more overwhelming. Make sure to consult with your family doctor about your feelings of anxiety and depression and you may be referred to a psychiatrist and take prescribed medications to help with your symptoms. Putting off mental health treatment can have long-lasting consequences.


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