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Alternative Technique for Hip Surgery

Hip replacement surgery generally involves the surgeon entering the hip joint from the side or back of the patient – referred to as the lateral or posterior approach.  An alternative technique for hip surgery requires special surgical training, and involves the surgeon entering the hip joint from the front in what's called the anterior approach.  Many doctors argue the procedure is better, allowing hip replacement patients to return to work or their lifestyles faster and with less pain than the traditional methods.

Dr. Corey Burak has completed more than 900 anterior hip replacements since 2006.  Patients receiving this type of hip surgery often lie on their back on a special operating table with extensions for positioning the legs.  The surgeon makes a 3 to 4 inch incision on the front of the hip, and then work in between the muscles and tendons.  In the traditional hip replacement surgery methods, the doctors detach or cut the muscles and tendons, which is believed to be the reason recovery for anterior hip surgery is faster. 

Dr. Eric Grossman, a surgeon who uses the anterior hip replacement surgery in Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco says "That's the major advantage in terms of the recovery and the patients' ability to be more active quicker," in regards to not having to cut or detach muscles and tendons.