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Yes, Bullying Does Happen to Adults: Don’t Allow Victimization

These days it is all too easy to shoot an offensive or threatening email to someone you may not like. Electronic confrontation is very common because being able to speak your mind (good or bad) without an actual face-to-face confrontation often makes people feel more confident and more brazen with their words.

In some cases of cyber bullying, you may be the recipient of general forwarded messages that go to everyone around the office but which you find particularly offensive. People forwarding such message may not realize their affect on your feelings or beliefs or they may be doing it intentionally just to rile you up. Regardless of the reasoning for the offensive materials, you need to speak up and address the situation. Most times the situation can be resolved peacefully but there are cases where cyber bullying is intentional and has a specific purpose and target.

No matter how the situation stands, you should not have to deal with it on your own. Alerting management may be the right action to take to ensure that personal feelings and such do not get out of hand. However in situations where the bully is actually in a superior position to you, things can be more complicated.

Cyber bullying is a serious situation and you should never take it lightly, especially when your job may potentially be affected. All too often people keep their mouths shut and endure the bullying out of fear of personal confrontation or losing their job. It certainly is not fun to have or make enemies in the place you must be at five days a week but it is also essential that cyber bullying be dealt with immediately before the situation escalates into violence in the workplace.

If you have concerns about emails you have received, online posts that contain gossip about you, or any direct threats you have received or discovered online, you should contact us to discuss the situation. You need to protect not only your job and your reputation but you also need to protect a potentially dangerous situation.