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Worsening economy is causing spike in Social Security disability claims

That’s right, even the Social Security Administration is playing the ‘blame-the-economy” game.  The most recent contributor to the massive backlog of disability benefit claims?  Yes, it is the struggling U.S. economy.

How is it that the country’s economic woes are making the SSDI claims backlog worse?  It seems that when money is tight more people feel compelled to apply for benefits.  Given the large number of layoffs, plummeting housing prices, and dismal stock market, injured and disabled Americans are turning to the SSA for help in greater than expected numbers.

No word on how many of the new claims are legitimate or if they are the result of desperate Americans looking for help anywhere they can.  Unfortunately for those who very much need SSDI benefits, this unexpected 10% bump in claims could not only delay the much touted backlog reduction – it could actually make it worse.

Adding to this mess is an increase in the number of baby boomers applying for benefits, at least according to the SSA.  However, a recent infusion of $1 billion from the government’s recently approved stimulus package should help the agency handle the unbudgeted increase in claims.

We wonder if the agency fails to meet their goals for significantly reducing the SSDI claims backlog within the next five years – will it simply be blamed on economic conditions and those pesky baby boomers?

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