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Work-Related Deaths Can Debilitate Families for Life

There are many families in the NY area that have been left in crisis due to workplace accidents that ended with a permanent disability or even a fatality. The loved ones left behind are not only dealing with emotional turmoil of the tragedy, they also face the significant impact of the loss of income which can ruin their future plans.

One hundred years ago, the most tragic of industrial accidents occurred in New York. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire claimed the lives of many of the immigrant workers, leaving their families with nothing. While technologies and OSHA regulations have indeed made the workplace safer, there are still accidents that occur everyday, often as the result of employer or employee negligence that lead to permanent injuries and death.

While worker’s compensation and special funds that have been set up to aid the victims and their families during such a tragedy, there is little more that can be done to properly make up for the loss of life or at least the loss of life as it used to be. Chronic injuries and illness can be just as debilitating to families and their financial future.

Imagine how your family would handle a work-related injury that effectively changed the course of your life. Without income or resources to continue life as you were living it, you can imagine how difficult it would be to move forward, especial without the appropriate help.