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Workplace Traffic Accidents Are Not Only on the Road

When you consider workplace accidents, most people assume they occur to long-haul truck drivers or delivery men. But traffic safety matters in the warehouse and on the job site. Vehicle-related accidents can happen at any time in an environment utilizing heavy equipment, vehicles, and large trucks.

Worker safety protocol needs to be followed by drivers, machine operators and staff on the floor, otherwise coworkers can be injured or killed. Many times it is the pedestrians that are run over when vehicle operators can’t seem them. Accidents also occur when drivers are negligent and break safety regulations. In some worker’s compensation cases involving vehicle injuries, the vehicle operator succumbs to injuries due to improper vehicle operation or mechanical difficulties while operating the vehicle. There are also many injuries that occur in the workplace when drivers attempt to enter or exit the vehicle and end up falling to the ground below.

Employers have an obligation to promote employer safety by creating safe walkways for pedestrian access. They are also required to train vehicle operators and drivers properly to prevent human error accidents. There is also a need to train co-workers to co-exist with motorized vehicles in the work environment as well as drivers to work well with other drivers during vehicle operations.

Driver training, vehicle equipment operation, and appropriate licenses are an important part of safety in the workplace where vehicles are concerned. Adding motorized vehicles into a busy mix of operations can end badly if staff does not follow safety regulations. In some cases, it was the employer’s failure to implement strict safety guidelines that resulted in vehicle accidents with injuries.