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Workplace Safety Updates for Miners Passes House Committee

Workers’ compensation claims can often stem for workplace safety issues, and mine employers may grumble about new, strengthened rules that passed the committee in the House of Representatives, but later costs could be reduced.
The latest accident to bring national attention to ventilation problems in mines was an explosion at a Massey facility in West Virginia, where methane gas wasn’t properly routed out of the mine, leading to an explosion that killed 29 workers.
Officials from the Mine Health Safety Administration say that changes that could affect workplace safety will now have to be approved by the agency before mine operators can continue with them. One of the causes that could lead to the families of the 29 seeking workers’ compensation death benefits was the dismantling of safety curtains.
So better enforcement tools, an expanded workers’ bill of rights and other portions of the bill will now move to the full House of Representatives; a similar bill is making its way through the Senate. Whether or not they will actually become law won’t affect the MHSA’s change in policy regarding modifications to ventilation systems.
For now, you can still do your part for workplace safety by following these tips we’ve put together to help make sure you reduce the chance you’ll need to file a workers’ compensation benefits claim. You can also check out warning signs for lung cancer, a condition commonly found in construction and mining that could lead to the need for social security disability applications.