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Workers Compensation, The Mets and Carlos Beltran

Talk about silly! Although I am out of town on business today I received an emai alert on my blackberry based on recent workers compensation news. And to my suprise its about the New York Mets $119 Million Dollar outfielder Carlos Beltran!

Yes – Beltran underwent right knee surgery this past week. The Mets are not Happy, Beltran doesnt seem to be happy and everyone is blaming everyone (see the ESPN blogpost) BUT that is not my point here.

My point is simple. Everyone seems to acknowledge that this is a WORKERS COMPENSATION CASE!

First – who cares. The money involved is so great, why would a professional baseball organization even go through the facade of having compensation and not just opting out of the system

Second – if it were you or I who were injured, trust me, there would be no way we would see a doctor today and have surgery tomorrow, the Insurance Carriers have at least 30 days to review a surgical reuqest!

Third – it's 2010 – it is workers compensation, not workmans!

UGH! I deal with legitimately injured workers who are out of work, need medical care and are struggling to survive, and the news I get is about the $119 million dollar man and the billion dollar owners of the Mets being upset…GET REAL!

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  1. Neal Goldstein

    Incredible! 119M and he couldn’t pay for his knee surgery which at best costs 20k. Is it society, the workers compensation board or just a greedy owner and player that just has to squeeze out every last dollar of benefits!