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Workers’ Compensation Cases Span Industries, Include Biotech

Many of the cases that Markhoff & Mittman write about focus on workers’ compensation issues in the construction and manufacturing sectors. But those obviously aren’t the only possible arenas where workplace safety can be an issue.
Unfortunately, David Bell’s claim for work related exposure was denied in a workers’ compensation case against the biotech firm AgraQuest after being exposed to a variety of bacteria and bugs and caused multiple diseases. He says that workplace safety is an issue for biotech workers when they are exposed to more than two dozen pathogens.
The problem in cases like these is that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn’t always force employers in the pharmaceutical arena to turn over safety records if they can be considered trade secrets. That’s why an effective legal team may help develop other evidence to obtain a workers’ compensation claim in New York.
And while biotech and exposure to bacteria makes sense, the recent plan to hire 34 reporters by Newsday could lead to other workers’ compensation claims. The reason is simple: reporters are often at the scenes of accidents or crimes at the same time as first responders, and can be subject to similar dangers such as smoke inhalation.
If you’ve been hurt or come down sick with a long-term illness because of unsafe working conditions, consider calling Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. today to explore how to file a New York workers’ compensation claim. Whatever the industry, if you’ve been injured on the job you have the right for assistance to help you recover.