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Workers’ Comp- TV’s Latest Spoof?

It is safe to say that no one believes a worker injured on the job is something to laugh about. Clearly employees who have suffered from a workplace accident are entitled to the fair and considerate treatment provided by workers’ comp laws. In real life, each case is examined individually to determine who qualifies for benefits and who might be trying to take advantage of the system.

There are plenty of fraudsters out there willing to lie and cheat to receive benefits to which they are not entitled. On the opposite site of fraudsters are the insurance companies who are often accused of denying legitimate claims. Apparently this real life back and forth between real employees injured on the job, fraudsters and shifty insurance company is providing the storyline for a new TV show titled “Workers’ Comp”.

The half hour comedy show which will air on TV began filming this week in Bradenton, Florida according to an article appearing on As stated in the article, “The independently-produced show centers on the family-owned Pinnacle Workers’ Compensation Insurance Co., which is modeled after a real professional employer organization (PEO) named NELCO, and one of its owners, Dori Sperko. Sperko is being played by actress Morgan Fairchild, know for previous roles on Falcon Crest, North and South, Chuck, and Friends. The cast also includes Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds) and David Proval (The Sopranos).”

It will be interesting to see how closely this show represents the true activities which happen in real life as related to workers’ compensation and the people involved in claiming, receiving and approving benefits.