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Workers Comp Knee Injuries: Getting Bent Out of Shape Over a Bum Knee?

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 9,000 Americans suffer from accidents at work or disabling injuries on the job every day. Men and women working in NY manual labor jobs like construction, renovation, or machine operators are at risk for getting into accidents at work and becoming injured or disabled. Cuts, wounds, trauma injuries, bruises, back injuries, shoulder injuries, repetitive motion injuries and knee injuries are all common to blue-collar workers.

People who work on their knees are at risk for a knee injury called prepatellar bursitis. Carpenters, electricians and loggers commonly experience prepatellar bursitis, with symptoms of swelling in front of the kneecap and below, as well as pain. Other common knee injuries from work include:

  • torn ligaments
  • fractured knee
  • knee sprain or strain
  • broken knee cap
  • knee cartilage injury

We represent Westchester County, NY clients needing workers’ compensation for knee injuries. Whether you were injured from falls at work, accidents at work, or repetitive motion injuries – your knee injury is covered by workers’ compensation and you are entitled to medical assistance and cash benefits if you’ve been out of work for at least 7 days. File a NY Workers Compensation claim. Accidents at work resulting in knee injuries can cause permanent injury that is only aggravated when the worker goes back to work.

Markhoff & Mittman has successfully handled New York workers disability and workers compensation claims for nearly seventy-five years. If you need assistance getting the medical attention and financial recovery from your knee injury, contact us today.