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Workers’ Comp Fraud Detection Saves an Estimated $400,000 in Illegal Benefits

A 58 year old Buffalo man reported a work related back injury in 1975, when he was employed by Atlas Steel Casting Company. It was determined he was unable to work as a result of the injury.

In a recent case workers’ comp fraud, Jeffrey Lucca was arrested on December 9th, for violating New York Workers’ Comp Law and grand larceny. He was employed as a driver for a car rental company beyond limits of workers’ comp, and despite sworn statements to the New York State Insurance Fund that he had not returned to any form of work, was receiving New York Workers’ Comp benefits while employed by the Buffalo car rental agency.

It’s estimated that Lucca had received over $6,500 in illegal benefits during the time he was working, and investigators believe the potential savings of this case is well over $400,000 – meaning if Lucca had continued working for the car rental company while receiving Workers’ Comp benefits, this is how much the New York State Insurance Fund would have had to pay out in the fraudulent case.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation fraud is why it can be so difficult for people who are really hurt on the job to get the compensation they deserve. If you have been hurt on the job and are in need of workers’ compensation benefits, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you put in a claim. Contact us for a confidential consultation at 866-205-2415.