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Workers’ Comp Claims Can Go Down With Improved Communication

Workers' compensation claims in New York can come from a variety of events, but some of the more tragic involve a co-worker going on a rampage with a weapon like a knife or a gun. Yet, employers who have strong guidelines on how to deal with human resources concerns will benefit on their insurance as well.
Take the recent shooting at a Connecticut distributor as a good example. The company had no idea that the employee they were about to fire would exhibit aggressive behavior and commit an act of workplace violence. So rather than having a secluded conversation about the employee's future, shooting eight workers and wounding two others who could have strong evidence for a workers' compensation claim.
In fact, the best practices for employees is to treat every situation like it could change drastically, according to human resources experts. It minimizes the possibility of workplace safety issues for other workers and allows employers to focus on the task at hand.
It's a lesson many companies could take to heart. After all, workers' compensation insurance is not an insignificant sum for them to pay. More importantly, their insurance companies are willing to pay retired New York City police detectives and others to detect workers' compensation insurance fraud across the country, and costs often range past $150 per day to surveil alleged fraudsters.
You can check out our online resources for workplace violence for more ideas on how to help minimize the threat. It may also help to point your supervisor to our New York workers' compensation resource page which kicks off with information about how to cope with work-related stress and potential workplace violence.