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Worker’s Comp Claims: Are You Willing To Trust Crossed Fingers?

The economic downturn means that for some people, the prospect of hiring a lawyer may seem like an expensive undertaking. Even for workers’ compensation claims, some people are resorting to the internet and friends and trying to handle the cases on their own.

But as the Wall Street Journal points out, the number of people who can successfully navigate the legal process is much smaller than one might think. In fact, unless a workers’ compensation claim goes according to plan, a worker may be forced to try and turn up reams of documents and try and explain themselves.
The problem with the idea is that while employees who have hurt themselves on the job are looking at reduced income, their employers are in the same crunch. A down economy could make the prospect of increased premiums as a result of a claim something that a company would rather not deal with. That could make it more difficult, not less, to complete a claims application.

That’s especially true when New York workers’ compensation is factored into the overall cost of doing business. A recent report found that New York firms have the highest overall costs when it comes to compensation, insurance and other factors,
And that same desire to try and get more done with less manpower can have significant consequences for workers who may have to deal with more shift work, and especially shifts at different times on different days. The toll that this can take on one’s health can be drastic.

You can try the claims process on your own. But after your first rejection through a third-party insurer, you may feel discouraged. And you may not realize which claims should be approved the New York state board and what ones don’t. But the Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. team does. Contact us today if you want to simplify the claims process.