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Workers’ Comp Case Leads to Workers Comp Fraud and Identity Theft

Workers Compensation Fraud Strikes Again!

Erika Bravo, a 35 year old woman from Kinston, NY, was caught by her former employer who spotted her working at a fast food restaurant – Bravo should not have been working as she was receiving workers’ compensation benefits for a back injury that resulted while she was working at a senior citizens residence.

Bravo was arrested after a joint investigation by the New York State Insurance Department’s Frauds Bureau and the Town of Ulster Police Department.  It was also discovered that she got the job at the restaurant by using a different name as well as providing a fictitious address and Social Security number.  Therefore, she faces charges of perjury, insurance fraud and identity theft in additon to workers’ compensation fraud.

Bravo could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison if she is convicted. A hearing will be held in Ulster County Court, near her residence.