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Woman Cuts Workers’ Compensation Insurance To Save, Gets Caught

Employer workers’ compensation fraud is something we’ve written about extensively, but thanks to the economic climate it seems like we’ll never run out of stories to highlight just how common the problem is throughout the country.
In California, a woman owning a sewing center in Monterey County was charged with failure to pay workers’ compensation benefits insurance for her workers and fudging her payroll records to save some money. The District Attorney’s office there reported that she immediately plead guilty and was ordered on probation and to pay thousands to the state workers’ compensation fraud account.
The problem is that while the district attorney’s office in every county tries to combat workers’ compensation fraud by employers, sometimes it takes employees to help them out. It’s why we’ve compiled a list of warnings that your employers may not be paying workers’ comp insurance premiums, leaving you at risk.
While we recognize that the same economic climate that makes it difficult for employers to pay the bills may make it somewhat frightening to report these claims, it does no one any good to not report injuries as is common according to the Government Accountability Office. You have the right to work in a safe environment and not have to worry about whether your employer is doing the right thing.