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Woman accused of NY workers’ comp fraud due to Facebook post

New York workers’ compensation fraud investigators are wise to claimants’ use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.  They’ve found that they can uncover fraudulent claims by checking NY workers’ comp applicants accounts online to see if they really are injured or if they are holding another job when they claim they’re too injured to work.


The most recent case in NY involves a woman from upstate New York.  She was caught talking about her job as an apartment complex manager, after she had testified before the New York Workers’ Compensation Board that she was not working.


The Accord NY woman, Alexis Muniz, 28, claims she was injured on the job while working for another employer.  She was receiving workers’ comp benefits for that alleged injury, and while she was receiving compensation she took the full-time job at the apartment complex.


Muniz plead guilty to the charges against her.  She was found guilty, and the fraud charges led to a three-year probation sentence.  She must also pay restitution for stealing $8,975 in NY workers’ compensation benefits. 


Any workers receiving NY workers’ compensation benefits should be careful what they post on social media sites.  Even workers who are truly injured and receiving benefits legally may raise suspicions if they post something that could be misconstrued.