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Why can’t I get approved for NY Social Security Disability?

Many New York residents are dismayed to find that their Social Security disability application has been turned down.  Unfortunately, the majority of Social Security disability insurance claims are rejected the first time.


However, you should not lose hope.  If your disability claim is denied, you should file an appeal.  You have up to sixty days after receiving your denial letter to appeal the decision.


Why are so many disability claims rejected the first time?  Two main reasons:

  • Incomplete records – to make sure your appeal has the best chance, make sure you check and double check your paperwork to ensure it is complete and accurate.  No matter how badly you need disability benefits, if you turn in incomplete information you will be denied.
  • Inadequate information – if you or your doctor do not provide the SSA with enough information about your disability or illness and how it prevents you from working, then your claim will be denied.  You should work closely with your doctor on your disability paperwork, and make sure you understand what the people who review Social Security disability benefits applications are looking for.


Making sure that your Social Security disability application or appeal is complete and accurate can be frustrating and time consuming.  Make the whole process easier and increase your chance of success by getting help from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in New YorkPlease call our White Plains office toll-free at 866-205-2415 or locally at 914.946.1452.