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Who Is Looking Out For Your Best Interests?

When a worker is hurt on the job, it is important to understand how the workers’ compensation system operates. While most employees have a rudimentary understanding of what to expect and benefits to which they may be entitled, there are many things that could go wrong when filing a claim. Dealing with your employer and the insurance company in charge of paying out benefits can quickly become a confusing and overwhelming experience. For this reason injured workers are encouraged to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before filing a claim. In doing so you may learn some interesting facts that can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Insurance Is A For-Profit Business

Insurance companies do not provide coverage and benefits just to be nice. With the exception of life insurance, most people pay insurance premiums in the hopes of never having to use them. Insurance companies feel the same way. When claims are submitted which require a pay-out, this reduces the profit made by the insurance company. Workers’ compensation insurance is no different, with many claims being denied or partial benefits paid due to the inexperience of the person filing the claim.

Protect Your Right To Compensation

Workers who have been injured on the job must take action to protect their right to compensation. To do this, one must know how to file a claim properly and what steps to take when dealing with the insurance company. Knowing the insurance company is interested in paying out as little as possible, becoming familiar with your rights ensures the benefits to which you are entitled are made available.