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White Plains Workers’ Comp AttorneylFor Some Smokers, Even Home Is Off Limits

As reported in today's New York Times the movement to ban smoking in New York City is growing as an increased number of landlords are moving to prohibit smoking in their apartment buildings, telling prospective tenants that they can be evicted if they light up in them.  Smokers who already live in any of these buildings will not be affected, according to Jeff Brodsky, a president of Related, which is a national developer with 17 buildings in Manhattan. How are tenants reacting? As quoted in today's paper,  “I think it’s absolutely absurd,” said Bryan Marx, 53, a cabinetmaker who has lived at Tribeca Park, since 1999. Across the country, the movement to ban smoking in residential buildings is gaining traction. The Department of Urban Development has strongly encouraged public housing agencies to ban smoking in some or all of their units.  For further details and information on how this will unfold in New York City, read the compelte article by clicking here.