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When Winter Weather Outside is Frightful…Going To Work Is Not Delightful

During the long winter months when winter weather hits certain parts of the country, many workers are lucky enough to stay at home and wait out the inclement weather. Unfortunately there are just as many workers who still have to venture out in bad weather to either get to work or perform their job responsibilities. And of course you have the folks whose job it is to clear the streets to keep them safe for other travelers. If you are one of these workers who must deal with snow and ice conditions, there is an increased risk of injury while on the job. Despite this increased risk of injury, these jobs are essential to ensure the safety of all individuals as recently learned in the latest blizzard to hit New York City.

To increase the safety for workers who must head out in inclement weather, employers must ensure employees are properly trained in how to handle tough winter conditions. This includes implementing safety procedures to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Equipment in use must be maintained to guarantee safety for the operators as well as citizens who may come within it’s path. Failure to ensure workers are properly trained and provided with adequate equipment could result in injury to the worker or other individuals with whom they come into contact.

The most common incidents which may qualify for workers compensation benefits during the winter months are slip and fall accidents and traffic accidents. There are other situations where a worker is injured at work as a result of inclement weather which means all potential claims should be discussed with an experienced workers compensation attorney.