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When Tattoos Hurt Job Prospects

The Markhoff and Mittman team recently came across a New York Times piece that focused on how body modifications hurt job prospects. It reminds us of how difficult it can be to be employed on just your merits and be treated fairly by supervisors. 

The article notes that many employers still see a stigma in employees with visible modification because they think it could influence consumer's perceptions. In New York City, tattoos inked to honor family members can be seen as gang-related. 

But it's not just people looking for work. Even police officers, many of whom have served overseas and got tattoos while in the military, are under the gun so to speak for their body art.  One ex-Marine is fighting to keep his job as a sheriff's deputy even though he has a visible Corps-related piece.

We're not fans of discrimination in any form because it can impact a great worker's ability to maintain their job, or get the benefits they want. In fact, we have worked to minimize discrimination in payment guidelines no matter who was involved. 
Whether you've faced discrimination because of a sleeve or two of tattoos or anything else, you can benefit from a team that will fight for you.  While it doesn't seem fair, personal appearance can impact job prospects.

If discrimination or other tactics have made filing your workers' compensation claim difficult, consult with a member of the legal team at Markhoff & Mittman.  We'll help you navigate the process.