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What the ^&%#^% is going on with the NY Workers Compensation System

What the %$#@$ is going on in the world of New York Workers Compensation?

Two things came across my desk today and I am floored, stumped, miffed and cannot believe how injured workers are going to take another shot in the stomach!

FIRST – as we all know, the New York State Goverment is in denial and dysfunctional and has not passed a budget. Well, quietly, on the front page of the New York State Workers Compensation Board website the Board quietly announced the following:

YUP – absolutely NO CONTINGENCY plans for the injured workers. (And lets not forget that although the NYS WCB is a State entity, it is funded from assessments on insurance carriers!) This is atrocious!

SECOND – My colleagues upstate started to get weird feed back from some clients that their Third Party Administrator (the company that pays the checks) was going to require the injured worker to pick up his or her check on specific days and times at the employer. Huh? Okay, so in order to save 44 cents postage and a 5 cent envelope the insurance carrier will print the checks, deliver them to the employer and have the employers employee distribute them…perhaps they just want to do it to follow the injured workers?

WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!