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Why Do I Need to Purchase Insurance?

Insurance is one financial topic you don’t want to overlook.  Contrary to some common perceptions, insurance is not a rip-off.  For most people, it is a necessary and valuable financial service.  Failure to purchase adequate insurance can put you in a desperate hole in a matter of minutes.  In your list of priorities, especially during these tough economic times,  insurance payments should fall behind only if the money is necessary for food and shelter.

Insurance is a contract where you pay money (consideration) for a company (insurance company) to provide you with a contract that will somehow protect you, your family or your personal items by paying you money as a result of some unexpected event.  Everyone is touched by insurance to some level. There are insurance contracts you can purchase to protect your goods, protect yourself form being sued and to help your family if something happens to you.  It all depends on your “risk aversion” or “risk taking” but its generally up to you to make sure you’re properly insured.  By purchasing insurance, you will also be protected if someone else causes you harm and they don’t have proper insurance coverage.

As indicated on the list below, you might choose to purchase general insurance or a more specific type of insurance.  Shopping for insurance can be a daunting task.  Take the time to explore your options – you’ll be glad you did!

Business Commercial Insurance
Car Insurance
Disability Insurance
General types of Insurance
Health Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Liability Insurance
Life Insurance
Renters Insurance
Umbrella Coverage Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have questions about workers’ compensation or social security disability insurance, please contact the law offices of Markhoff & Mittman at 1-855-614-4351.  Our attorneys will be glad to help you.