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Were You Left in the Dark from Work Related Work Injury?

If you’ve just gone from having normal eyesight to having vision loss or permanent blindness as a result of a work related injury, chances are you’re going to have trouble obtaining a new source of employment. The problem is, if Workers’ Compensation decides you are only partially disabled, rather than totally disabled, you’ll have to find a new source of employment because you won’t get enough money from Workers’ Compensation to replace the loss of your job.

Not only did the job you were working at when you were injured require the ability to see – but with limited vision you can’t drive a car to get to and from work (which is a problem if you don’t live near public transportation). Vision loss can also cause you trouble performing any kind of detailed or artistic work.

Prevent Blindness America says eye injuries in the workplace are common. In fact, more than 2,000 people each day get eye injuries at work with 10 to 20% of work-related vision injuries causing temporary or permanent vision loss.

Don’t let Workers’ Compensation decide your vision loss is only a partial disability – if you really can’t get back to work or reasonably take on another job, you deserve full compensation for your loss of wages and ability to work caused by your work injury.  You even risk the chance of being denied workers’ compensation benefits.