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Watertown Corrections Officer Arrested for Workers Comp Fraud

More than $6,200 was collected in workers’ compensation benefits by a Watertown correction officer – while he was employed elsewhere on a construction job.

For three months in 2009, Gaetano Williams received wage replacement workers’ comp benefits from a job-related arm injury he obtained while working at a correctional facility in Jefferson County, NY. The workers’ compensation reports indicate that Williams was unable to work at the correctional facility due to the severity of the arm injury; yet he was found to be working at a construction job while receiving the workers’ compensation benefits.

Charges faced by Williams include insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud and offering a false instrument for filing. If convicted on these charges, Williams could find himself in prison for 7 years.

The case is being investigated by the New York State Insurance Fund, Insurance Department’s Frauds Bureau, the Workers’ Compensation Board Office of the Fraud Inspector General, the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit and the Department of Correctional Services. It is being prosecuted by District Attorney Cindy F. Intschert.