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Waterford man arrested for stealing Social Security numbers

A man has been arrested in connection with the theft of personal information stored on computers used by contractors in the Office of Disability and Temporary Assistance, the NY state agency that makes initial disability determination claims.


The man, Evan Kane, 25, is from Waterford New York and was in the agency’s office upgrading software on the contractors’ computers.  He is accused of stealing 15,000 Social Security numbers and other personal data from the computers used to process SSDI benefits claims.  No report yet on how exactly he managed to commit the crime.


As a result of his actions, Kane is facing a number of charges: 2nd degree forgery, possession of a forged instrument, 1st degree falsifying business records, and 2nd degree identity theft.  These charges are all felonies.


According to authorities, only “some” of the personal information and Social Security numbers were used.  All individuals whose information was compromised will be notified and will receive free credit monitoring.  They will also get a toll-free phone number they can call for assistance.


So far Social Security Administration officials have not commented on the crime.  Employee and subcontractor access to sensitive personal data is always a concern, especially if workers are able to download information onto a USB drive or other portable media.  The incident is still under investigation.