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Watch Out for the Extras You Do At Work

You may think you are being nice, running out every afternoon to get coffee for your office mates but have you thought about what would happen if you ever got injured on one of those coffee runs?

There are a multitude of reasons an employee may be making technically unauthorized trips to run an errand for an office-related matter. You may not think twice about where you go and what you do but if you were to be injured during your run, your company may not be responsible for your workers compensation medical treatments or expenses. Employers may have a valid point in arguing your unscheduled coffee run wasn’t on ‘company time’.

Consider also the scenario if you were to sneak out of work without mangement’s knowledge of where you’ve gone. You may need a break from it all but if you are doing it without express permission of your supervisor and something bad happens, workers compensation benefits may be a tough argument.

There are a lot of employees that see nothing wrong with disobeying company standards and rules simply because they have never been caught. But should something go wrong when you are sneaking that smoke break behind the building and you suffer a pretty serious injury, you likely have a fight on your hands for compensation and have to defend your unscheduled break.

Workers face all kinds of hazardous situations in their particular job positions each day but if you are not careful to stick with the regulations of the employer, you may find yourself in serious trouble. It’s not to say that all cases an employer fights will lose but you may have to fight harder for the compensation benefits you deserve.