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Walking Injuries at Work Are No Laughing Matter

There are many clips on YouTube where one can find videos of people walking into inanimate objects. These videos are posted for amusement but if you are the person who is doing the walking, the resulting injuries may be no laughing matter.

One of the more common injuries on the job are those resulting into employees walking into things. Toes can be broken, noses can be fractured, and embarrassment is likely certain. It is often this embarrassment that leads to these injuries going unreported. As a result, employees suffer additional pain not only physically but emotionally when they find they can no longer perform their job tasks and subsequently lose their income. Not long ago a woman in Pennsylvania had her injury video go viral. She was on her cell phone walking in a mall where she worked and she fell into a fountain. The woman later sued for negligence because no one working for the mall came to help her.

Injuries that are mixed with embarrassing situations happen all the time but if you do not follow up with reporting the injury to management and do not seek medical treatment, you may be putting yourself in further harm’s way. Any injury incurred on the job should be documented and reported immediately. Even when you think nothings wrong, you may find that time will tell a different story.