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Vehicle Play is No Joke!

Have you ever worked a vehicle full of employees out on the road engaging in horseplay? A few guys in the back of a pickup joking around while the driver stops quick and starts out fast may look like a lot of fun but if you are one of the workers in the vehicle, you need to pay attention.

Falls from vehicles are serious business that can cost you a lot of income and recovery time from injuries being sustained. Broken bones and damaged spines are all common outcomes of a vehicle fall. Even if you are not just goofing around, you can still be seriously injured while driving or as a passenger in a company vehicle or heavy piece of equipment.

When you work around heavy equipment, especially the larger pieces of equipment that sits high off the ground, just getting in to do your job can be a hazard to your health. Always check to make sure the step platform or the ladder into the cab is secure before setting foot on it. One wrong move can cause you to crash hard to the ground. It can happen in the blink of an eye but the recovery time from such damaging injuries can be long.

Horseplay and inattentiveness around vehicles of any time should not be acceptable in any work environment. If you have observed such antics on the job, you should file a report with management for the safety of you and all those around you. Personally, you should ensure you respect the vehicle you are working with and pay close attention to the job at hand, even if you are so used to environment. It is common for those who get too comfortable with potentially dangerous situations to get hurt.

Make sure the vehicles you are dealing with have had proper safety checks and you have been provided quality protective gear to help keep you safe. Follow the rules for safe operation of vehicles even if some of the safety steps seem irrelevant or you feel they are a waste of time.