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Using Free Alternatives To Minimize NY Workers’ Comp Claims

Prevention is one of the more cost effective means for employers to reduce workers’ compensation claims in New York, but as Labor Day passes, many employers are finding it difficult to find the funding for new programs.
In rural areas like Dutchess County, workers’ compensation lags behind New York City and suburban Westchester County, even though it has increased in data reported from 2008. Employers are finding it difficult to increase compensation because of restrictions on their own corporate finances.
As has been noted before, workplace safety programs like a focus on checking hard hats for construction workers can benefit employees by ensuring current equipment is up to the task. But as one newspaper indicates, there are non-monetary ways that employers can reward workers, and it could be one way to reduce New York workers’ compensation claims.
Flexible schedules and flex-time could be one way for employers to offer workers better workplace conditions. Considering that shift workers in New York are at increased risk for developing workplace illnesses and suffering injuries, it benefits both sides.
Another example is workplace training courses, which could focus on safety and violence prevention.
For workers who were injured before they could take advantage of these options, navigating the New York workers’ compensation claim process could be confusing. For assistance, consider contacting the legal team at Markhoff & Mittman, P.C.