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US Postal Service Fined For Recurring Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is part of the U.S. Department of Labor. As such, one might jump to the conclusion that other government agencies would be given special treatment from OSHA. As a recent press release points out, this assumption would be wrong.

A May 13, 2011 press release provides details in regarding proposed fines for the U.S. Postal Service after an OSHA inspection turned up repeat violations of safety standards. The reported citations are the result of inspection at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center located in Manhattan.

All businesses have access to safety standards and information which OSHA is in charge of regulating and enforcing. This ensures each company is aware of what is required to provide safe work conditions for employees. Without safety standards, employee injuries resulting from workplace accidents would be much higher than the current rate.

Unfortunately, not all places of employment adhere to the safety standards in place. This could be the result of ignorance or negligence, however the outcome is the same: increased hazards to workers.

Some might believe the US Postal Service should be held to a slightly higher standard due to the fact that it is run by the government. In this situation, the inspection turned up multiple safety violations which had been cited on a prior occasion. As such, proposed fines of $93,500 may be a reality for the distribution center.

Included in the list of offenses are blocked exit routes, fire extinguishers not mounted or available for ready use and failure to provide required refresher training for an employee. Having already been cited for these violations previously, the Postal Service is required to take the necessary steps to eliminate hazards in order to prevent possible injury to employees.