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Trouble sleeping? It could affect your NY work disability

If you have trouble sleeping, you may notice that it has a negative impact on your ability to work – especially if you have a mental disability or musculoskeletal disease.  Both these disorders and those like them can become worse without a good night’s rest, especially if one bad night turns into many bad nights of sleep.


You could have a sleep disturbance if you experience trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, getting restorative sleep, or if you wake up too early.  Research has shown that workers who have a sleep disturbance are more likely than those who don’t have trouble sleeping to suffer from a work disability.


Occasional sleep troubles can be draining and frustrating, making work difficult but not impossible.  Workers with intermittent sleep problems may be able to pull through, but chronic or severe sleep disturbances can cause serious work issues.


Work disabilities due to cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, and accidents are all worsened by chronic and severe sleep disturbances.  Even if you don’t suffer from a work disability, you are at a great risk of having an accident on-the-job if you are overtired and not thinking clearly because you aren’t getting adequate rest.


Not only can sleep disturbances cause or worsen work disabilities, they can also keep workers from returning to work.  Workers out on disability who suffer from mild to severe sleep problems return to work at a slower rate than those who do not suffer sleep issues.