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The Total Knee Replacement|Part Three|What’s it all about

As noted in Part I and Part II of this video series on the Total Knee Replacement — Work or Job Related injuries to a person's knees are some of the most common injuries in workers compensation. If your knee is severely damaged due to an injury (and you may even develop arthritis due to that), it may be hard for you to perform simple activities such as walking or climbing stairs. Sometimes, you could even feel pain while you are sitting or lying down.

When conservative treatment no longer works (medications, changing activity level, physical or occupational therapy and even using support such as walkers or canes or braces) to relieve the pain of your knee injury, and perhaps arthroscopic surgical procedures also no longer work (Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Part I and Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Part II) then it may be time for the Total Knee Replacement Surgery. See American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Information on Total Knee Replacement.

This type of procedure is often approved by Workers Compensation Insurance Companies and the Workers Compensation Board and should be considered if your symptoms persist and your doctor recommends the procedure. Recent Case.


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