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Too Afraid to Tell? You Risk Your Right to Compensation

Everyone can have a bad day at work. But if your bad day occurred due to an on the job injury that was embarrassing or something you’d rather forget, not reporting it could be hurting your further. There are many reasons you can be injured at work that are not your fault but become a situation you’d rather not discuss with others.

Consider how you would feel about falling off a faulty toilet seat or falling flat on your face over a cracked cement floor. Neither scenario shines a particularly bright light on you certainly but they are both serious events that can cause long-term health conditions that can affect you for a long time to come.

Even the most simplest of falls at work can result in sprains, breaks, and other injuries that will require costly medical treatment and on-going care. This it what makes it even more essential for you to report even seemingly minor incidents to your supervisor immediately.

Unfortunately some workers will be too embarrassed or fear the harassment of coworkers over what has occurred. Many would rather keep their mouths shut for fear of looking like a fool. In other scenarios, there is a concern for workers who feel like they are placing an undue burden on their employer by getting hurt. They fear getting in trouble for cost their boss money in workers compensation so they say nothing and deal with the expense of the injury on their own. For some people, the added expenses are too heavy a weight to bear, especially if they are unable to return to work because they have neglected their on-the-job injury.

The most essential part of any work injury is to report it immediately – not matter how small or large the situation is. Ignoring it will only make the problem worse both medically and financially. Follow the protocol for reporting injuries in the correct manner to ensure you have protected your own rights for compensation. You should also stop by our office and let us review the facts of your situation as soon as possible to make sure you’ve done everything right.