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Tips for Safe Winter Commutes

Whether you drive or take public transportation to work, there are some very important considerations to make to ensure your safety and the safety of others during inclement winter weather. Getting to work is only half the battle. Staying safe during the winter takes proactive measures and some planning. You may not realize how much you impact your work environment.

Here are some tips for winter safety:

Dress Right

Dress in layers of winter outwear so you’ll stay warm. You never know when you might get stuck outdoors in traffic or commuting delays. Getting sick brings risk to your entire workplace if you end up catching a cold in inclement weather. You can always pack your office wear in a bag and change at work if the weather dictates the need for warm, waterproof clothing.

Proper Footwear

This is especially important when you take lunch breaks outside of the office or walk to work. Good winter boots that keep your feet warm and dry should also provide traction to handle snow-covered or icy sidewalks. A broken leg or arm can put you out of work for several weeks at a time and limit your job duties.

Vehicle Supplies

Always carry ice scrapers, car shovels, kitty litter, de-icer, and have proper snow tires fitted to your vehicle. If you are commuting, even a short distance, you put yourself and others at risk if you get stuck in the snow or involved in an accident because you couldn’t see out of your windows or your tires were not fit for bad weather. Kitty litter can be used to create traction if you get stuck.

Time It Right

Inclement weather may require getting up thirty minutes earlier to ensure you are not extra rushed in bad weather traffic. Pack up your necessities the night before and give yourself enough time to brush off the car, shovel the driveway, and face the slower traffic. If you are rushing to work in bad weather, you increase your risk of auto accidents during your commute. Without proper planning before bad weather you are likely to be late at work often, resulting in reprimands by management.

Driver Safety

If you drive for a living you have more considerations to make. Prepare a travel bag with you for a day on the road in bad weather. You never know when you may get stuck so having supplies with you at all times is recommended, even if your employer does not provide them. Wear driving gloves that will allow you to stay in control of the wheel. Pack extra supplies of food, a warm blanket, bottles of water, and a cell phone charger to start. Have snow removal supplies with you also to help you out of a jam.

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