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Tips for Disabled Travelers – Living It Up at a Discount

Just because you are facing a disability, whether it be partial or permanent, it is no excuse to give up on life completely. We advise our client all the time that there is life beyond the disability. We work hard to ensure you are taken care of and provided for – whether it is helping you through your workers compensation claim or securing Social Security benefits. Let us worry about the hard stuff.

Despite some limitations, there are so many resources now available for disabled individuals and there is no excuse for not continuing to live a normal life. Part of your living might include traveling aspirations. These days there seems to be relatively few limits. There are even whole touring organizations that cater to the travel-minded. Local and long distance trips, cruises and vacations are open for those with disability needs.

In addition to the availability of disability-friendly facilities, there are also financial discounts for the disabled that help to assist those burdened by the expense of medical care and loss of income situations. Many public and private transportation service providers offer discounts up to as much as half off the regular fares for travels in New York and beyond.

The key to finding discounts for disabled individuals is to ask about them. Many of the discounts are not widely advertised so it literally pays to speak up. While we will do what we can to help you legally, you also must take the steps to help yourself find some fun in your life again and continue to experience life.