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Three Reasons to Hire an Attorney for your Social Security Disability Claim

Considering an attorney to help you with your Social Security disability claim?  Here are three reasons you might want an attorney to help you with your claim:


  1. An experienced Social Security disability claims attorney will understand the application process and what is expected for an initial claim or for an appeal.  This knowledge is valuable and means that your application will be submitted on time and with all required information.  This greatly increases your chances of success.
  2. A good SSD claims lawyer knows how to review your medical records and ensure that your application accurately reflects your medical condition.  It is important to ensure that your medical records are complete and show that you have a condition covered by SSDI.
  3. Experienced SSD attorneys are familiar with the local Social Security offices and know how to work with Administrative Law Judges (ALJs).  They can keep on top or your claim or your appeal to make sure that it keeps moving forward and that any issues that arise are addressed.


Remember – about 65 percent of all SSD claims are denied the first time around.  If you submit an accurate and complete application or if your appeal is thorough and addresses any previous issues, you greatly improve the likelihood that you’ll be awarded benefits.  These are all things that a lawyer can help you with.