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Three New York workers hurt in fall from Utica TV tower

Utica was the site of a workplace accident that resulted in three workers being hurt.  They were working on a WCNY television antenna at a WKTV tower when the accident happened.


WCNY had hired the workers, employees of Alpha Antenna Services of Manlius, to repair some issues WCNY was having with their TV antenna tower.  As the three workers were being hoisted by a cable system up the 350 foot tower it buckled.


The workers were approximately 20 to 30 feet off the ground when the tower buckled, and the sudden change in tower height caused the workers to plunge to the ground, injuring them.  The Deerfield Fire Department was called to the scene of the accident


One employee was taken to the hospital, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, just to be observed, but he – Gregory Campbell, 44 – was well enough to be discharged.


The other two workers were not as lucky.  30 year old Kelly Dougherty injured her foot and William Fox, 49, received serious facial injuries in the fall.  Fox had to remain in the hospital in “fair” condition, while Dougherty remained there for evaluation.


After the accident OSHA was contacted so they could evaluate the scene.  The antenna was ultimately repaired by a second set of workers, and the WKTV offices were declared safe for occupancy, after being evacuated when the antenna came down.