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This Lady’s Comp Fraud Hurts Us All

It seems kind of unbelievable that a person could make off with $135,000 in worker's compensation benefits but that is exactly what Rosa Rivera did. Rivera, a 62 year old bookkeeper in the Bronx got away with it…at least for a little while.

After investigating federal income tax fraud against Rivera, it was found she was also collecting fraudulent New York worker's compensation benefits. While Rivera was operating her own tax prep service, she also managed to collect $400 a week from an alleged injured knee, ankle and elbow injury she sustained while working as a bookkeeper for another company in 2002.

It sounds a bit ridiculous that such injuries can happen to someone at a desk job but Rivera managed to get away with it and open a home-based bookkeeping business son the sly. She faces 7 years behind bars for her fraudulent collection of worker's comp benefits.

It is situations like this that makes it hard for truly injured workers to file a claim and receive benefits they truly deserve. It seems like fraud cases are rampant in the news lately. Perhaps people who are in need of money do what they feel they have to do but never feel as though they will get caught. Those undue collections hurt all legitimate worker's comp claims for New York-based employees.

It's a wonder no one ever caught on. People who know Rivera may have suspected her activities but she was never reported. Only because an investigation sparked curiosity was she busted. Fraud hurts everyone, especially those who have difficulty getting benefits they truly deserve and need.

Worker's comp fraud is serious business. We certainly do our due diligence in investigating cases and it is up to the general public to also report suspicious activities of others unfairly collecting benefits. Would you report someone you knew using fraudulent tactics? Let us know what you think.