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This is Not A Drill!- Is Your Workplace Prepared For An Emergency?

Employers are responsible for providing their workers with a safe environment in which to work. Whether you sit in an office building or work on one from scaffolding, it is each person’s right to go to work without risk of injury resulting from unsafe working conditions. Of course there are certain occupations which are inherently dangerous, however for the rest of us, going to work shouldn’t result in injury or death.

While many employers are very good at following the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA to prevent a workplace accident, there are some dangers that cannot be prevented. Fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters strike without warning. Acts of terrorism or other man-made disasters are also impossible to predict. Despite the fact that these circumstances may not be predicted or prevented, it is important to have a plan to deal with each situation should it occur.

Every business, regardless of size and location should have an emergency plan in place. In a city environment where tens if not hundreds of thousands of workers are in close proximity, emergency preparedness becomes even more important. Does your employer have a plan in place to guide workers in the the event of an emergency? Do you and your co-workers know what to do and where to go, should disaster strike? Is your employer up-to-date with regulations set forth from OSHA and the New York City Fire Codes? These are important questions to ask.

Employers have a responsibility to their workers and the public at large to provide the training and resources necessary to quickly and efficiently handle an emergency. If you are not sure what to do in an emergency, there is a good change your employer is not doing their job. Should you suffer an accident as a result, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits to offset medical expenses and lost wages.