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Think You’re Too Young for Worker’s Compensation?

Society in general may take young workers for granted. Many get written off as fast food workers with no serious on the job risks. Even when something serious happens, young workers inexperienced with how things in the ‘real world’ really work often carry on while still injured and never receive the proper help for accidents occurring on the job. Workers themselves feel they have no recourse for their injuries and employers are happy to let things move along.

In many cases the burns and cuts to hands and fingers leave a young employee in pain and unable to properly use their hands or fingers to get the job done. Not only are the employees hurting, they may be risking the safety of their co-workers. As an employee on the job, you have rights to workers compensation benefits for your injuries. Don’t take for granted that no one will listen to you or that you are too young to get help.

There are many dangers in the environments young people work in on a daily basis. One big danger is not being trained properly to get the job done. Young workers are often thrown into the job and expected to figure it out. Because they may be new to the working world, many are afraid to speak up and ask for help. Only later, after an accident occurred, does anyone take notice that things may not be as safe and secured as other workers thought.

Additionally, when an injury occurs to a young person they may not understand the importance of seeking medical attention. Burns and cuts are often serious enough to need stitches or even surgery. Unattended injuries only get worse. Part time employees who do not have health insurance benefits may not be able to afford the medical attention they need.

There are a lot of factors that involved young injured workers and often no one else is willing to guide them in the right direction. We have seen it happen many times and want you to know we are ready to listen and guide you through the process. We can help even if others are not willing. Contact our office today. The initial meeting is free and we can let you know whether or not you have a case for your injury on the job. You can call us toll free at 855-614-4351 or visiting our contact form online.