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Teenage Worker Dies After Falling Into Cesspool On the Job

A tragic accident — There’s nothing to say when workplace accidents like this one occur.  Amiri Zeqiri, a 17 year old boy who worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Long Island, was taking out the garbage which was part of his duties and fell into an open cesspool.  He was pulled out of the 8 feet of water and filth but died shortly after at a local hospital.

What is there to say?  Why had the manhole cover been removed from the site?  According to the Associated Press this is not the first time an accident like this has happened.  In June of 2007, a landscaper was killed after driving a lawnmower into a cesspool at a Deer Park home.  And, six years earlier,  a Huntington man practicing archery in his backyard died when an 18-foot-deep cesspool caved in and swallowed him up while his kids looked on in horror.

While it’s certainly no consolation, families of the deceased are elibible for workers compensation death benefits.