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Sweating Through Summer Work Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Working on a hot, sunny job site can be more dangerous than many workers realize even ‘seasoned’ professionals. Summer time work in an outdoor environment poses many potential hazards people ignore, including employers. Since many of the people working outdoors on construction sites and road work projects are expected to be tough, complaining of health concerns on the job is often considered to be weak.

Unfortunately a person’s fear of speaking up when feeling ill under hot conditions leads to the lack of proper medical attention and can result in worst-case scenario health problems that can lead to long-term, chronic illnesses and conditions. Heat stroke can lead to comas or even brain damage as the body gets too hot to function properly.

Not reporting heat-related work injuries or getting the proper medical attention is very common but it is to your own detriment. Working outdoors in extreme temperatures requires special safety trainings and precautions. If employers are not providing this special training, injuries and serious health conditions can result. Employers who are solely focused on getting the job done as soon as possible often fail to take into account summer safety issues.

Tolerating the heat of summer needs active safety participation, lots of fluids, and frequent breaks. Even when safety measures are in place, it is still possible to fall victim to the hot sun.